Meet The Optimist Citizen, India's first newspaper which only focuses on positive and optimistic stories

Shraddha Mishra, Meghana Jayashankar Date - 27/5/2017

The Optimist Citizen is India's first purely POSITIVE Newspaper dedicated to presenting only positive and optimistic stories to it's readers. It is a newspaper that picks up inspirational stories, stories of unsung heroes, good governance, acts of courage, and everything that brings an element of optimism and hope to the society, in contrast to other media production companies, where emphasis is placed on creating a sensation rather than highlighting the best of humankind. This brilliant initiative is a result of the combined efforts of Piyush Ghosh and Tuhin Kumar Sen, who wish to prove that this world is a better place than what it is perceived as.

The following questionnaire is answered by Tuhin Kumar Sen, the Co-founder of The Optimist Citizen.

The Optimist Citizen 

Q. The Optimist Citizen is India's first newspaper providing completely optimistic news. What ignited the spark within you to start this? 

As, members of an aware youth strata we all were part of the ever informing generation of Internet and information assimilation in every format possible. From Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, Books to Websites, Blogs, Twitter Profiles and Quora accounts, I, just like the other members of youth, was attracted to the process of information assimilation and drawing conclusions based on those pieces of information. But, what was the impact of that consumption? We never contemplated on that and life showcased us examples of the effect of what kind of information or news we consumed.

We decided to contemplate on this and we felt that Negative news can create such a negative impact on people. News of Murders, Rapes, crimes, bombing and riots are exaggerated to such an extent by our number hungry Media houses that it leaves an everlasting negative impact on the reader, creates a deep scepticism in the society and often leads to them taking negative and harmful actions. It was then that we understood the importance of communication, information propagation and the way stories are told.

The role of media is to disseminate news in the most unbiased and true format possible. But, often, in our globalised world, it is completely opposite. We felt if negative news and stories can bring about such negative actions, why not publish and present positive stories that can bring about a larger positive impact.

Stories like that of a 10-year old underprivileged girl who runs a library for kids in her slum, an Israeli man who came to India and grew an edible forest on a 70-acre barren land, a couple who started a foundation for children with rare diseases after they lost their infant daughter, a German artist who is transforming a village in Himachal Pradesh into a an Art hub to increase the tourism and livelihoods in the village and so much more. It was these stories that inspired us and we believed they can inspire millions more.

The Optimist Citizen 

We believed that there was a gap in communication between such positive stories and the readers,especially because of the lack of them in our traditional media portals like Newspapers. We did a small survey in Bengaluru, Bhopal, Mumbai and Delhi and found out that 70% people were frustrated with Negative news on the newspaper. Thus, we started The Optimist Citizen which was India’s first Purely Positive newspaper presenting only positive and goodnews ranging from inspiring stories to stories of unsung heroes, good governance, innovations that can bring a change and everything that can create optimism in society and bring back hope in society using the print media as a conduit.

Till date, we have covered around 400 positive stories, reached more than 10, 00,000 people through our online and offline newspaper portal. We have connected hundreds of organizations to our readers who have contributed in numerous formats and have lived upto our vision statement of creating Positive actions through Positive stories.

Q. How do you define your journey of entrepreneurship?

For us Entrepreneurship has been a journey of an intensive self-exploration, retrospection and a conduit to make an impact on our stakeholders that live in our surroundings. What initially was just a thought became a journey of immense learning and understanding. For, us Entrepreneurship has been this deep path of learning and self-exploration.

Q. What is the best aspect of being a social entrepreneur?

The best aspect of being a social entrepreneurship is to witness a concrete and constructive positive change on the consumers of your business, in the case of The Optimist Citizen its readers. Also, being a social entrepreneur helps you in developing a strong moral anchor that is often not found in traditional entrepreneurial practices. This moral anchor and sense of an ethical foundation is much needed in today’s time.

Q. Today young people fear to take risks for establishing their own venture. What optimistic advice would you like to give them?

We can completely understand and relate to the apprehensions and anxiety of today’s youth in terms of taking risks. We too found ourselves at the same juncture just a couple of years back and even today we still contemplate our choices. But, this is completely fine. The stage of youth in one’s life is that of learning and obtaining new experiences. It is these experiences that define us as responsible human beings in the future and make an impact on the society. Being afraid of risks is natural. But, it is these risks and the undue pressures that forge us into a better person. So we should at least make an attempt at nurturing a venture of our own such that even if we fail, the attempt remains a spectacular one.

Q. What are your plans for the future as an entrepreneur?

The path of entrepreneurship has been immensely fruitful for all of us and we intend to stick to this path. We plan to expand the horizon of Positive stories, news and associated impact such that it is equally accessible as regular news for every individual.

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