SuperX Growth Hackers will help your startup to achieve 10x growth at 3x cost efficiency

Shraddha Mishra Date - 12/6/2017

With elevating goals SuperX Growth Hackers are helping startups achieve 10x growth at 3x cost efficiency. It is a team of extremely talented entrepreneurs and growth hackers who work for the progress of startups. Their goal is to provide startups with efficient marketing strategies which would help to showcase products in its best version to their customers.

SuperX Growth Hacking 
With immense competition in the market, these days startups presume that by spending a huge amount on marketing strategies without properly analyzing the outcomes is futile. SuperX Growth Hackers very specifically analyze the startup’s ways of operating by closely working with them and co-developing their marketing and promotional strategies. They go completely in their research mode by doing experiments along the lean marketing funnel so as to spot the growth drivers that can be worked upon to achieve long-term growth.

It is presently India’s only startup offering Growth Hacking as a service. Arunraj Rajendran and Praveen Sukumar are the co-founders of SuperX Growth Hackers. Here is Arunraj Rajendran, shares his journey and his views on entrepreneurship.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of starting SuperX Growth Hackers?

I am closely associated with start-up community in Bangalore and Coimbatore for past 4-5 years. You can often find me in the local start-ups meetings or events. I am also an editor of start-up magazine, which gives me an opportunity to interact with lot of start-up founders. From my observation, I understood that many of Indian start-ups and founders are very good when it comes to building an awesome tech, and most of the founders come from tech background. But many start-ups fail because they overlook Marketing department. They create a kickass product, but they are not sure how to bring in a viral growth to their product.

Gone were the days, where investors flushed in cash by seeing an MVP and start-ups flush VC money to acquire customers. Investors wants real traction and you can’t bring in traction without proper strategies, especially when you are in early stage and have no much cash to burn. We found there is a real gap in the market and we coming from the background of sales, marketing, and growth hacking believed that we could fill the void, we started SuperX Growth Hackers.

Q. How do you help startups and corporate teams to Co-develop their marketing strategies?

The growth/marketing strategies varies from product to product. We first sit with the founders and team to understand their vision, customers, insights, progress and growth they want to achieve. We then go back and analyse with our team to come up with strategies on how we can achieve those growths. We typically take a week’s time to study about product, market, customers and strategies. Then we present a realistic roadmap on growth we can achieve.

We don’t work with every products/startups, we work only if we feel that the product is solving a real problem and there is market for that solution. Also, we don’t promise on Facebook likes/website traffic, we promise on actual conversions which make sense for startups/companies to choose us.

Q. How is your startup cost effective in the mission to help startups with their marketing and growth strategies?

The motto of SuperX Growth Hackers is – achieve 10x growth at 3x cost effective. We don’t believe in flushing money on ads to get growth especially at early stage. Growth Hacking is all about experimentation, since our team has experience in working with different products on different domains, we are better at knowing which experiments works and which doesn’t.

Majority of the campaigns we choose at early stage are organic. We have done campaigns from 0 rupees spend on ads to 25, 00,000 rupees spend on ads/month – cost per conversion rate at which we promise is what makes us different from the players in the market. Each and every penny spent on us is returned back in terms of revenue.

Q. Why should a startup outsource rather than hiring a growth hacker?  

Growth Hacking is not really one person’s job. For e.g. if you are doing an A/B Testing for Mobile or Web App – then he may need a support of developer, he may need a support of data analyst to get and analyse data.

Growth Hacking is a team effort – typically a team consists of Digital Marketer, SEO Analyst, Developers, Graphic Designers, Content Writers, Data Analysts, Sales guy, etc. It’s not practically possible for a start-up to hire all of them, as it would incur a huge cost and effort. And most of them are not required full time, the team varies based on experiments planned.

Since we charge as one package and not based on team, it gives start-ups a great advantage on cost and they get the growth planned.

Q. What is the best aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Best aspect of being an entrepreneur is that you get to do the job you love. It’s always a different feeling when you create something on your own, it’s like you bringing up your own baby. But don’t just go with cream of the layers, entrepreneurship is not easy as it sounds. It’s not a career it’s a lifestyle.

Q. What are your plans for the future as an entrepreneur?

This a wrong question to an entrepreneur. Obviously, I have to build my team and take my start-up to next levels. Personally, I am a serial entrepreneur, I am currently founding member of 3 start-ups. I have tried my hands on different things and always open for new challenges. If I find next big idea something in future, I may try that too.

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